You should be aware of link building by now, but if you aren't, the following post will be incredibility important to you. The days of building a bunch generic partially-relevant links in bid to help rankings are long gone; In fact they have been for a for the last few years. Yet I still see so many people offering dodgy link building for $5 on Fiverr and other forums.

You know the types of posts i'm talking about, the ones titled "get 100 DA3+ links for $5". It's surprising people are still willing to try this as a tactic considering the volume of good content covering the issue in great detail. However the fact they still exist must show some people still think its either a worth while tactic, they're desperate to regain old rankings or they're are using as a negative SEO tactic for competitors?

If you're one of these people and think its a genuine tactic, please make use of the disavow file on Google search console. Anyway, that's off topic.

Link building in 2016

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