Lets start with the basics, but we'll assume you can create and account and register your payment details to get the account up and running.

Before you begin creating campaigns its worth doing a little bit of keyword research.  If you've done any SEO in the past you should have a decent idea of what your best performaing keywords are, if not, take a look at our keyword research article here before looking at the below.

Once thats is complete you're ready to start your the process of getting you're ads out there to the rest of the world or at least the locations you select (we'll cover leter). Click the campaigns tab at the to of the page & you'll see a page that will eventually show all of your campaigns.  For now click on the Campaign button shown in the image below.


This opens a new window with different types of campaign options. Select the option that best suits the purpose for this campaign (don't know about campaign types? find out here). 

In this instance we'll keep it simple and create a search campaign (only visible on search and not on partners like Ebay).


Select campaign type in adwords to create a new campaign


You'll now see a new page. 

Here you can enter the name of the campaign & where your ad's will be shown (see image below).  The campaign name should be something to do with the keywords you're advertising with, in this instance i'm calling  my campaign "PPC Agency UK - Non Brand". This indicates i'm using keywords surrounding "PPC agency" and UK variations that don't include any brand terms "upclick".

Next i'm selecting standard, this means my ads will only appear on Google search not any search partners.   

OK, scroll down the page a little and deselect the box showing search partners (assuming you want to), If you're not sure you can find out more info here.

By default you'll bid for all devices at this point, we can set this up a little later (or see this post about device strategy and set up)

Location targeting allows you to be specific to an area, whether that's a GEO fence 20 miles around your business or a City or county. I'm selecting UK, but if you click advanced you can enter as many local cities or counties or even GEO fences as you like.  We cover that in more detail in this PPC Location selection post.  

You'll also need to select the language you want to post the ad in. Its important as Google wont translate this for you.  If you are serving to multiple languages its best to separate to different campaigns.



Probably the most important section.  Setting how you allow Adwords to bid on the keywords you identify. 

Its set to manual as the default, however if you have experience with Adwords or already have campaigns set up that have performance indicators you might want to select a different option. 

Here you can choose from options like Page location (top of the page), CPA (cost per acquisition) or maximise clicks.  My preference to start would be manual or max clicks. This way you'll get data quickly to optimise after a day or so.

You'll also want to select a default CPC (cost per click).  If you've done your keyword research (suggested earlier) you'll have an idea of the costs. I'd recommend you'd start with caution & build upwards.  Google does tell you when / if the bid is too low.

Most important however is the daily cap.  Set this to the max amount you want to spend, remember this is just for the campaign. If you have 2 campaigns each will different budget allowance. If your budget is £20 per day, each campaign should be £10 each or £15/£5.  

Selecting a bid strategy in adwords

Finally, selecting the ad extensions. These are the options that can appear underneath the ad. Now Google have moved to serve top 4 ads, rather than top 3 and side ads, the extensions are much more visible. Even for non brand terms.  If this is the first campaign you've created you can leave this blank and add it later. 

Click and continue to create ad groups.

So, you've now created your first campaign.  However, you have nothing in it yet! Next you'll have to create the ad groups that sit within the campaign, We'll guide you through that in the link Creating Ad Groups in a new campaign.

Creating A Campaign

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