PPC - Otherwise know as Pay Per Click (or paid for search). Here you'll learn the functionality of the online tools (such as adwords) to utilise each and every area of your account, as well as hints and tips to maximise your paid search campaigns.  Depending on your location, its likely that Google dominates this marketing channel. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't bother with Bing & Yahoo (and others are available).  Its likely they'll contribute much less traffic & therefore and ultimately less bookings, but you can still return a positive ROI (return on investment) if you follow the same rules.

With google being the dominant player, we'll primarily cover Adwords & show you all you'll need to know to deliver greater performance from search. We've split this section into three areas, beginners, intermediate and advanced. However, each step doesn't necessarily mean its an increase difficulty, more so, 'a way of getting to the detailed data that will really help you understand perfromance.